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Hello! I'm Thiago Calçado.

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Born and raised under the endless summer in Brazil, I've been a stop motion animator on many creative projects such as the Oscar nominated feature films 'Isle of Dogs' by Wes Anderson and 'Kubo and the Two Strings' by the acclaimed studio Laika. 

My most recent work is 'Pinocchio' from the Academy Award ® Winner Guillermo Del Toro, for Netflix. 


In 2022, I created and directed 'Dó Ré Mi da Sol'  - a 15 episodes TV series that follows a young girl Sol, and her musical adventures combined in a world of stop motion and 2D. 


Using examples from my work focusing on the subtleties of acting in animation, I've been doing workshops and talks on animation festivals in Spain, NorwayPortugal and Poland.

I'm currently animating on 'Chicken Run 2' at Aardman in Bristol, UK.

Please contact me at:

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